Cake Decorating


Ready to use rolled fondant:

-White     1.5 lb. or 5 lb. box
-Primary colors (blue, red, green, yellow)     17.6 oz box
-Neon colors (purple, orange, yellow, pink)     17.6 oz. box
-Pastel colors (blue, yellow, pink, green)     17.6 oz box
-Natural colors (light brown, dark brown, pink, black)     17.6 oz box

Easy glide fondant smoother - 6 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches wide

Ready to use gum paste - 1 lb. package

Ready to use marzipan - 8 oz. tube

Glycerin - 2 oz. bottle

Edible Glitter: (1/4 oz. bottle)

White, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Pink,
Yellow, Orange, Rainbow, Black, Burgundy

Luster Dust: (2 gram. bottle)

-Super Gold
-New Silver
-Super Pearl

Food Coloring:
 Icing Tubes and Gels: 
1 oz. gel based jars: 
(certified kosher)

Black, White, Lemon yellow,
Golden yellow, Sunset orange,
Bakers rose, Rose pink, Violet,
Sky blue, Royal blue, Navy blue,
Delphinium blue, Leaf green,
Kelly green, Moss green, Teal, 
Red red, Burgundy, Peach, & Brown

2 oz. bottles:

Lemon yellow, Sunset orange,
Pink, Sky blue, Royal blue,
Black, Brown, Leaf green,
Red red, Burgundy, 
Golden yellow, White

.75 oz. Icing tubes:
(certified kosher)

Red, Pink, Violet, Lemon yellow,
Orange, Royal blue, Leaf green,
Kelly green, White, Black

4 pc. coupler ring set

5 pc. tip and nail set:
(star, round, leaf, petal tip, flower nail)

1.5 oz. Tube Gels:

Black, White, Clear,
Golden yellow, Green,
Orange, Pink, Purple,
Red, Sky blue, Teal,

3.5 oz. sparkle gels

Yellow, Blue, Green, Red

3 gram powdered bottles:

Green, Red, Yellow, Burgundy, Orange, Black, Brown, Blue

Edible food markers: (5 pc. box)
-5 piece fine tip primary color set
-5 piece bold tip primary color set
(Yellow, Green, Red, Blue Black)
Color Sets: 
-Junior set - 4 - 1/2 oz. gel based jars 
(Christmas red, Leaf green, Lemon yellow, Sky blue)

-Student set: - 8 - 1/2 oz. gel based jars
(Nut brown, Sky blue, Leaf green, Sunset orange,
Rose pink, Christmas red, Violet, Lemon yellow)

Color mist food color spray: (1.5 oz. bottle)

-Orange, Blue, Pink, Red, 
Violet, Yellow, Black, Green

Decorating Bags: sold individually

8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18"

Disposable decorating bags:
10 ct. 12" bags

Decorating sets:

18 piece set: metal tips #4, 12, 18, 103; 6 disposable 12" bags; 2 tip couplers; 
5 liquid color packs.

25 piece set: metal tips #3, 16, 32, 104, 352; 12 disposable bags; 2 tip couplers;
4 icing colors; #9 flower nail; instruction booklet. 

Rosewood handle spatulas:

Straight blade:
-8" long with a 4 1/4" blade
-11" long with a 6" blade

Angled blade:
-8" long with a 4 1/2" blade
-12" long with a 6 1/4" blade

Tapered blade:
-8" long with a 4" blade

Jimmies/Sprinkles: (10 oz. bag or 6 lb. carton)
-Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark green,
Blue, Lavender, Rainbow, White, Dark chocolate,
Milk chocolate, Gourmet chocolate

Non-Pareils: (4 oz. jar or 6 lb. carton)
-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Lavender, Pink, Black, Rainbow,
Tiny rainbow, White, Tint white

Edible Quins: (2 oz. jar) Colored Sugars:
Bright sequins
pastel sequins
Baby assorted
Footballs and helmets
Sanding sugar: (4 oz. bottles)

-Black, Light blue, Blue, Brown, Dark blue, Gold, Green,
 Light green, Lavender, Light pink, Pink, Opal, Orange,
 Rainbow, Red, Silver, White, Light yellow, Yellow

Pastel confetti
Pastel mini flowers
Pink teddy bears
Blue teddy bears
Pastel wild flowers
Pastel stars
Brown teddy bears
Bright dinosaurs
Crystal sugar: (4 oz. bottles)
- Black, Blue, Dark blue, Brown, Green, Orange, 
Pink, Rainbow, Red, Violet, White, Yellow
Moon and stars
Mini diamonds
Pink pigs
Pearlized sugar pearls: (2 oz. bag, 4mm)
-Ivory, Oyster, White
Palm trees
Neon fish
Pink ribbon mix
Dragees: (1oz. bag, 5mm/10mm)
-Gold, Silver, Rainbow
Royal Icing Roses:
Small 3 1/4 in. 12 ct. box/ medium 1 in. 6 ct. box

-Party blue, Lavender, Party pink, Bright red, White, 
Party yellow, Ivory, Black, Gold.

Royal Icing Drop Flowers:
12 ct. 1 color per pack
Pastel flower with leaf: (3/4 in.)
-Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink
Pastel rose bud: (3/4 in.)
-Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink
Sugar lay-ons:  Pastel drop flower: (1/2, 5/8, 3/4 in.)
-Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink
Star flower: (1/2 in.)
-Pink, Blue, Purple
Tulips   1 1/4 in. 4 pieces per pack
Daffodil   1 1/8 in.  4 pieces per pack
Sea shells   1 1/2 in. 3 pieces per pack
Sea asst.   1 1.4 - 1 3/4  4 pieces per pack
Cake Toppers:
Daisy   1 1/2 in. asst. colors, 5 pieces per pack
Daisy   1 1/2 in. White, 5 pieces per pack
Pansies   1 - 1 1/4 in. Purple/Blue, 4 pieces per pack 
Footballs   1 in. 6 pieces per pack
Baseballs   1 in. 6 pieces per pack
Soccer balls   1 in. 6 pieces per pack
Basket balls   1 in. 6 pieces per pack
Baseball set
Football set
Soccer set
Ants   3/4 in. 6 pieces per pack
Bees   1 in. 6 pieces per pack
Lady bugs   3/4 in. 6 pieces per pack
Baby asst.   6 pieces per pack
Baby rattle   2 in. 2pieces per pack
Baby feet   1 1/4 in. 4 pieces per pack
Basketball set
Golf set
Teen doll pick
Mini doll pick set
Doves   1 1/2 4 pieces per pack
Christian asst.   6 pieces per pack
Grim reaper 
Vulture and crow
5" gold cross
Cupcake Picks or Rings:
Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Hockey, Golf,
Nascar fan, Kentucky Derby, Pittsburgh Steeler Helmets,
Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys, Pittsburgh Pirate logo
Tinkerbell, Disney princess crowns, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Power rangers,
Dora/Boots, Diego/Jaguar, Spongebob/Patrick, Spiderman, Thomas and friends.
Barney and friends, Horse land, Ninja Turtles, Curious George, Batman,
Superman, Snoopy, Sesame Street, Elmo 
Yellow ducks, Baby bottle, Rattle, Rocking horse, Diaper pin, Bracelet,
"It's a boy"/"it's a girl" stars
Musical notes, 2 1/2 in. clown head, 2 3.4 in. clown head, happy birthday script, pink flamingos,
flip flop shoes, Hawaiian shirts, hibiscus flower, bumblebees, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies,
frogs, asst sea life, dolphins, puppies, kittens, over the hill tombstone, margarita glass,
martini glass, 3D apple, chili pepper, sunshine with face, crayons, daisy rings, pink awareness ribbon,
3D umbrella, tea cups, dice. 


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