Merckens Candy Coating: (1lb., 5lbs., or 50 lb. case)

Milk chocolate
Dark chocolate
White chocolate

Peter's Superlative Chocolates (asst. pieces in 10lb bar or 50 lb case)
-chocolate must be tempered before use

Ultra milk chocolate
Burgundy semisweet
Snowcap white chocolate
Gibraltar bittersweet (1lb. only)

Merckens Color Candy Coating: (1/2 lb., 1lb. 25lb. case)

Blue     Dark green     Light green     Orange     Orchid 

Pink     Red     Yellow

Vanleer sugar free chocolate (1lb packages)

Milk     Dark     White   


Merckens Flavored Candy Coating: (1lb., or 20lb. case)

Butterscotch     Peanut butter

Guittard mint chocolate (1lb. packages)

Dark chocolate mint
White chocolate mint
Green chocolate mint
Pink chocolate mint 

Merckens Falls Chocolate (1lb. or 25 lb. case)

Ready to use milk chocolate for chocolate fountains

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