Tricks of the Trade

Chocolate Fountains:

For every 2 1/2  pounds of Merckens chocolate use 1 one oz. bar of cocoa butter. Melt cocoa butter first and let cool while melting chocolate, cocoa butter has a higher melting temperature than the chocolate.
Mix cocoa butter and chocolate together and pour into warm fountain. If fountain is not on and warm, the chocolate will set up. Add more combined melted chocolate to fountain as needed. 

Dipping suggestions: marshmallows, strawberries, cookies, pound cake, ready-made candy centers, caramels, pretzels, bananas, dried fruits, graham crackers, licorice. 
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Food color mixing chart:



Avocado black




Dusty rose







Moss green

Navy blue



Rust brown



Color mix drops:

 2 sunset orange, 1 golden yellow

5 sky blue, 1 leaf green

4 lemon yellow, 1 leaf green, touch of coal

5 lemon yellow, 1 leaf green

1 golden yellow, 1 buckeye brown, 1 red

3 rose pink, 2 lemon yellow

2 red, 1 buckeye brown

10 lemon yellow, 3 sunset orange, 1 red

1 sky blue, 6 bakers rose

1 leaf green, 1 royal blue, touch of coal

5 rose pink, 1 violet

3 lemon yellow, 1 sunset orange

4 red, 2 burgundy

2 violet, 3 lemon yellow

1 sky blue, 1 violet

1 violet, touch of red

3 bakers rose, 1 red

8 sunset orange, 2 red, 1 buckeye

1 coal black, 1 royal blue

6 sky blue, 1 lemon yellow

Baking Hints:
Pan Size:

8"x 2" pan

10"x 2" pan

12"x 2" pan

14"x 2" pan

16"x 2" pan

18"x 2" pan

9"x 13"x 2" pan

10"x 15"x 2" pan

12"x 18"x 2" pan

Number of Cake Mixes:

1 box yields 2 8"pans

1 box yields 1 10" pan

2 boxes yield 1 12"  pan

3 boxes yield 1 14" pan

4 boxes yields 1 16" pan

5 boxes yield 1 18" pan

1 box yields 1 pan

2 boxes yields 1 pan

3 boxes yield 1 pan

Removing cakes from pans:

When taking a cake out of the pan, you need two cake racks that are big enough to hold the size cake you are removing. Place cake rack on top of cake and flip the cake towards you to remove from pan. Place second rack on top of cake and flip cake over towards you again so that the top of the cake is back on top. This will prevent the cake from sticking to the rack and breaking the cake. 

Candy Writers:

Candy writers can be used for painting candy molds or for decorating cookies. Place a plastic glass of water into a microwave and heat for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. Place candy writer into hot water to melt. When candy is melted, snip off end of candy writer and use.

Kolachi Baking Instructions:

Completely defrost cookies on silicone paper lined cookie sheet. When at room temperature, bake at 350 degrees for15-18 minutes or until golden bronw. After cookies are cool, sprinkle with sugar or icing fondant. 

Sugaring cut out cookies:

Sprinkle colored sugars directly onto unbaked cookies. Do not use water or egg first because the colored sugar will bleed. 

Using sprinkles on chocolate:

When using sprinkles on chocolate, sprinkle as you chocolate coat each piece. If you wait until you do several pieces the chocolate will harden and the sprinkles will not stick. 

Using icing fondant:

Icing fondant can be used on sugar cookies or petite fours. Simply place fondant in microwave safe bowl and melt at 15 second intervals until warm and runny. If you want the fondant thinner, you may add 1-2 tablespoons of hot water. you may also color the fondant after it is melted. Spread fondant onto baked cookie and sugar one at a time or pour fondant over petite fours. 

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